I really like working with new members who want to learn effective marketing.

In this brief interview we discuss how to easily use video to develop your credibility with your audience.

Check it out, and Get Started with Michael Piccoli and the Extreme Team today for many more tips ideas and strategies to grow your business.


Video Marketing: My Conversation With Expert John Lavenia

Recently, I was afforded the opportunity to have a long overdue conversation with internet marketer (author and instructor) John Lavenia.  John is well-known within the Empower Network community and is widely recognized as an expert in the wide world of online business.  

John is a strong leader of my team, The Extreme Team, and just happens to be my mentor, as well.   Our conversation about using video to market products and services shows that John is a gold mine of information and a valuable asset to our team and to The Empower Network.


As a member of the Extreme Team, you have direct access to our many experienced leaders, like John Lavenia and Tony Rush, via daily teleconferences and weekly webinars (replays are available).  These "hangouts" are relaxed and unscripted and your questions are welcomed and encouraged.   The information provided is invaluable to anyone who wants to earn an income marketing Empower Network products or wants to promote a business. 

You will also have access to The Extreme Team's own website that has additional tips and tricks you won't find elsewhere.

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