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In this video, recorded live with UK friends and multiple six figure earners Chris & Susan Beesley, John Lavenia gives an insider’s look at the most successful online business opportunity in history: Empower Network.

For people considering why Empower has become so prevalent, and how thousands of people have profited from their affiliation with it, this video will make it obvious.

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Looking for Answers


I took a stroll with Lucy by the lake and decided to shoot this short video about looking for answers in life, through reading philosophy and finding sources of inspiration outside of business.

What do you do when you're looking to "recharge the batteries"? Leave me a comment.

Why They Joined


Recently, I sent out a quick survey to my subscribers asking for input on the topic of making money in a home based business…

(Thank you if you participated! Much appreciated!!)

A lot of the responses I got back are very revealing.

Some actually shocked me, which is rare.

I’m going to share some of my findings with you over the next few days in short video clips, so you can see some of the ideas people have about what it takes to become successful

This is the first one, and it will be of specific interest to you if you’ve been looking to plant your flag somewhere that you can make a solid income.

More to come

Click here to see my lates video explaining the Empower Network business

Is More Always Better?


In this video I share an experience that’s rather revealing in terms of what the public is able to accept and believe. 

Even after you’ve proven in your own experience that building a large and profitable business is real and doable, how you present that proof to your audience may require some thought and testing.

From the Success Series on Bold Statement Marketing with John Lavenia...

"Keep it Believable"

See the full article and even more thrilling videos with tips and ideas for success in home business at BoldStatementMarketing

Weightlifting Made Me Rich


When I was a child and through my adolescence I was a skinny kid…

I mean, ribs-sticking-out type of skinny.

Well, I’m not a skinny kid anymore.

And what I learned about weightlifting and fitness carried over into other areas of my life as well.

3 things in particular…

1 - Consistency

You don’t show up in the gym once a week. You show up every day. And not just when the calendar says it’s the first 2 weeks of January (and you feel some weird sense of obligation to comply with a “resolution” you made in a drunken stupor on New Years Eve.) Every day that you eat, and every day that you sleep, are days when you are qualified to go to the gym and put that food and rest to work.

2 - Intensity

If results are what you’re after, you must push past comfort. As the old saying goes, “no pain, no gain”. It’s a simple enough concept to understand, but to this day I see countless people “going through the motions”, making a half-hearted attempt and making no gains. Because of my intensity and focus in the gym, I’m able to lift a ridiculous amount of weight for my size. Sometimes it even attracts an audience.

3 - Diversity

If all I did was the same exercise for the same muscle group again and again, my body would be terribly unbalanced. When I was growing up on the coast of New Jersey (“the Jersey Shore”) I remember seeing the “guidos” hanging out with their Camaros in places like Seaside Heights, looking to “pick up chicks” at the nightclubs. They had biceps and pecks, but skinny little legs. We called it “All guns, No wheels”. By challenging the body with diverse and changing exercises, we make consistent gains throughout.

So how does this translate into financial success?

Consistently showing up and doing the work required in your business will develop uncommon habits of effectiveness. As Albert EN Gray said years ago, “Successful people are in the habit of doing things that failures don’t like to do.” Right there, you have separated yourself from the mediocre.

Focusing with intensity on the task at hand, and refusing to be distracted, is a characteristic of true genius. It’s not comfortable, especially in our modern age of constant distraction, but the rewards of being productive and solving problems are unparalleled. And as your ability to produce results grows, so does your value in the marketplace.

Willingness to learn new methods of marketing, lead generation and ways of delivering value to your customers will bring you a diverse array of options when growing your business. This will keep you free from being pigeonholed when market conditions change. Without diversity, you’re dependent on only one or two methods - a very dangerous proposition. Just ask anybody who used to advertise only on Google.

As you can see, these three ideas (Consistency, Intensity & Diversity) can serve you in business, and in other areas of life as well.

I’m grateful to the guys on the Jersey Shore who taught me how to get “big and strong” back in the 1980’s. Their teaching serves me still, in ways they may not have imagined.

Let me know your thoughts and comments below. I love reading them.

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